Meet the AG Family

Name: Farah 
Age: 32
Nickname: Mom
Favorite Food: Peaches (in a can)
Interests: Reading, Playing With
Her Daughters
Extra: Loves the Actor Donovan Dolly

Full Name: McKenna Jean Brooks
Nickname: Kenna
Favorite Food: Pocky (Strawberry)
Interests: Aaron (her crush in school),
Gymnastics, Her Hair, Nature, Animals
Favorite School Subject: English and Music
What I wanna be when I grow up: A Professional Gymnast,
or a fashion designer.
Extra: Her favorite colors are blue, green, and
purple. She is the third born. She plays the flute 
and her favorite word is undulating.

 Full Name: Farin Dylan Brooks
Age:10 1/2
Favorite Food: Applesauce Muffins
Interests: Aaron (her crush in school),
Animals, Nature, Family, Gymnastics
Favorite School Subject: Music
What I wanna be when I grow up: a Professional Gymnast
or a Vet
Extra: Her favorite colors are purple, blue,
and green. She takes violin lessons, is good
with dogs, and loves to watch craft channels
on YouTube. Also, she was born 15 seconds
earlier than her twin, Faith.

Full Name: Faith Russel Brooks
Age:10 1/2
Nickname: Fro
Favorite Food: Home-Made Tacos
Interests: All sorts of Animals
Favorite School Subject: Reading
and Math
What I wanna be when I grow up: a Professional Gymnast,
or a dog treat producer.
Extra: Her favorite color is pink. She 
loves dogs and playing with her dog,
Coconut. She also takes guitar lessons.

Name: Honey
Favorite Food: Bacon Flavored Beggin' Strips
Interests: Treats, and Playing with

Name: Coconut
Favorite Food: Licking Faith's Peanut 
Butter Covered Fingers
Interests: Playing with her Family and

Name: Chocolate Chip
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Dog Treats
Interests: Becoming a Service Dog

Which Doll Are You Most Like and How?
Comment Below!


  1. I love your dolls!

    I'm probably most like Mckenna or Farin!


  2. I'm most like McKenna or Faith!


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