Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crafting With the Brooks Sisters: How to Make Dough

I finally came up with a name! Yay!

Tip: Have leftover dough? Store it in an airtight container, or cover it
with plastic wrap! 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Craft "Show"!

Is your Doll needing cute, yet easy hair accessories?! Then you've come to the
right place! I am going to start a new Crafting "Show"!
Let's Get Started!
Headband Materials:


Oh Yes. New Siggy!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fridays Random Rant-About: Sisters!

Here is McKenna, ranting about her sisters!

Do you have a brother or sister who's annoying? 
Something else you want the girls to rant about?
Comment Below!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New: Friday's Random Rant-Abouts

Hello! Sooo, I've decided to create a new "series" type thing called
"Random Rant-Abouts". It would take place every Friday (unless something happens),
and the dolls would rant about something different every episode. It will be
posted on this blog, as well as the dolls' blog. However, the first episode
might not be able to be put on the dolls' blog yet because it is being 
worked on. Sooooooooo I guess I will start working on it! Bye!
~The Doll Crafters

P.S.~There will be new crafts coming up soon!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Summer at Sports Camp: A New Series

Hey guys! I just started a new series called The Summer at Sports Camp! 
Episode 1:The Arrival
If you couldn't read the credits at the end, this is what they say:

The Summer at Sports Camp: Episode 1- Arrival

Kaylee Griffin-Faith Brooks
Claire Jenson-McKenna Brooks
Brooklyn Harris-Farin Brooks
Jamie Patterson-Allysa Foerste
Jellybean-Farah Brooks

Created By-The Doll Crafters
(I'm Playing Linus and Lucy at the end)

Stay Tuned for More Episodes!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tutorial: How to Make a Duct Tape Doll-Sized Tote Bag

This Tote Bag is Perfect for an AG trip to the pool or the beach!

You Will Need:
Duct Tape (in ANY color)
Adhesive Jewels or Any Decoration (optional)

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Take your duct tape and rip a few strips off. I used three.

Step 2: To make a duct tape sheet, add four more strips of duct tape to the other side.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Tape all the sides together EXCEPT the top.

Step 5: Bend the bottom corners in. Secure with duct tape.

Step 6: Bend in the sides. This will start to resemble a paper bag.

Step 7: To make the handles, you can
a. Fold a desired length of duct tape in half
b. Take two pieces of duct tape and stack
them on top of each other (for a thicker handle)

Step 8: Attach the handles to the bag. Add Adhesive Jewels or
other decoration. Enjoy!

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Here!

Yay! The Doll Sisters Blog is up! Click on The Page titled The Brooks Sisters Blog!
You can comment on the doll blog, telling us
what you think!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

News Updates!

Hey Peeps! I thought that I would start a page or a blog that is run by the
AG Family! Do you think that would be cool?

Comment Below!

~Just Do It~
                - - - - - - - -

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Interview!

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Esther/Autumn's Interview!

Her Blog's Name: One Doll Out There
Esther is Autumn's Doll's name. They love to go outside and hang out together!
Esther loves it when pictures are taken of her (just like McKenna). She also
goes crazy when someone says she's cute (like McKenna). Some
of her hobbies include: reading, laughing, nature, and dogs.
Her favorite color is dark green, and she loves pizza!
Autumn would describe herself as funny, crazy,
someone who laughs a lot, and someone
who is forgetful. She is also a Christian.
Some of her hobbies include: dolls,
taking pictures, going on 
blogger, and playing piano and violin (I play piano and flute)!
She plays softball and soccer, and loves working
with technology. In addition, Autumn loves
horses, farming, gardening, and
reading. She is a writer
and outdoorsy!

The DollCrafters

Here is Your Interview Stamp for Your Blog!
(notice that the interview is in the shape of an arrow to comment!)

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