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Faith's Steps For Success: SLEEPOVER!

Hey guys! Fro here! Today I'm gonna share my steps
for success at a sleepover! These tips are sure to make your
sleepovers the most awesomest awesome that ever was.
Let's Begin!
1. Make Invitations: These HAVE to be eye catching, or
else no one is ever gonna notice them. I would suggest
adding stickers, pink, and shiny things. Then, when
you get your replies, make a super awesome guest list!

2. Make Snacks: Snacks are a must have thing! Tacos are
the best because… they just are. MOVING ON! You 
also need cool drinks. At my 10th birthday party, my
mom hired this scary clown person and he put dry ice in
the drinks and they like fogged up and… and… and…
I forget the rest. I'm just joking, but the clown did 
go to the hospital after that…

3. Finally! The last one… Set up the sleeping area: You
have to set aside a sleeping area and choose an 
AWESOME MOVIE! Just don't choose a scary
one, because if your younger sister comes in and
sees it, she might throw up on the sleeping
bags and send everyone home… ha ha… Yeah…

Well I hope you enjoyed my tips for success! 
Please use these!

Homework and more HOMEWORK!

You know what bugs me? HOMEWORK!! And you know
what the worst part is?? At the end of school, the
teachers give us more of it because they couldn't
cram it into earlier lesson plans!! Speaking of that,
for teacher appreciation day, I got my music 
teacher a time management class coupon that I
found in the newspaper. The result: a scolding
and a recess on the bench! What's so bad about
sitting on the bench? It's next to a water fountain!
Well, what's so bad about that? Don't you like
hydration? If you're asking these questions, you
obviously don't go to my school. The 
water fountain is broken, so whenever someone
gets a drink, the bench gets wet. That means MY
HAIR GETS WET!!!! I had knotted hair for the 
rest of the day thanks to Mr. Manochelli.

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