Monday, May 27, 2013

New Member to the AG Family!

 Hello everyone! We have some good news! Coconut is coming home! Backstory (in the doll world): Honey, Coconut, and Toasty were left on the street in Greenwood, Canada (the Brooks' home town). Meanwhile, the Brooks family had just lost their dog, Ami (that means "friend" in french (0: ), and were looking in the Greenwood Pet Shelter for a new dog to fill Ami's place. This is when they saw the dogs, huddled in their cage, shivering. The girls fell in love instantly. Unfortunately, the dogs were not well enough to go home, but when they were, they would be shipped to the family immediately. When they moved to Utah, the girls were afraid that the dogs would never become theirs. Then, McKenna got a letter from the shelter, telling her that the dog she wanted, Honey, was on his way to their NEW home. McKenna was overwhelmed with joy. Now, Faith has just gotten her letter exclaiming that the dog she wanted, Coconut, was making her way home. Toasty had gotten the worst of it, and Farin is still waiting for Toasty's arrival. Updates will come once we get Coconut.

Coming Soon: A Doll NewsPaper!

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The DollCrafters
F9282_main_1.jpg (250×250)

       This is Coconut.

Honey.jpg (400×400)

        This is Honey

41EPVzAX+4L._SY300_.jpg (300×300)

          This is Toasty


  1. So do you want em to feature you? If so, please tell me your doll's name and a picture of her along with something that happened to her or something she did. You'll have to make it up. Please comment the information on my blog.

  2. Do you have a followers gadget?


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