Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to make a doll-sized treetopper

Merry Christmas!
Today's craft is going to be a treetopper that
can be sized for any doll size!
So let's get started!

This tree will look beautiful once we add 
a treetopper!

Glue Stick
Square Paper

Step 1- Fold your paper in half twice

Step 3- Using scissors, cut three slits up the paper

Step 4- Unfold

Step 5- Glue the first flaps together. Flip over

 Step 6- Glue the next flaps together, making sure they're
glued on the opposite side.

 Step 7- Repeat this process until all of the flaps are
glued together.

 Step 8- Put it on your tree!

Voila! You have a treetopper!


  1. One word- HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE????
    Well, more than one word, but you are like seriously so amazingly creative :) :)


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