Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tutorial ideas?

Hello everyone! I hope you guys have been enjoying
your winter break. Mine ends tomorrow :(
Anyways, I wanted to remind you all to please request
anything that you want me to try and make. Just go to the craft page
and click on the link that says You Can Make a Craft Request Here.
And Voila! There you go! Fill out the form and you are done.
I am pretty sure that I will be making the infinity scarf from a previous post, 
as people asked how I made it.
So I think that that is it! 

Oh. I also updated some of the profile pictures with more
professional looking photos.


It would make my day if you would write a nice comment or ask me a question. All I ask is that you don't post any swear words. Thanks! TheDollCrafters

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