Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sew Crafty: How to make no-sew doll shorts

Hey! On this episode of Sew Crafty! I will teach you how to make 
cute no-sew doll shorts just in time for school to start!

Old Jeans (Recycled)
A hot glue gun (you may
need some extra glue sticks)
Scissors (I used fabric scissors)
A pen for marking
Caution: Hot glue guns can be very dangerous. Ask a parent before using.

Let's get started!

1. Lay out your doll on the jeans.

2. Mark where the middle of the legs are

3. Mark how high you want your shorts to go

4. Cut on the lines you drew (it should look something like this)

5. Turn it inside out

6. Make a bead of hot glue on the seams of the legs.
Let it dry.

7. I later decided that I needed to trim my sides down
so that they wouldn't be so baggy.
I applied glue to that part also.

8. I repeated step seven to do the other pant leg.

9. Flip right side out.

10. I added hems to the top and to the legs

11. Done!

Bonus: Don't want basic? To add a little flair, use a thin strip of
fleece to make a cute belt, or add cute pockets
using different colored fabric!

I hope you liked it! Remember, keep on crafting!


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