Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life in a Doll's House: Episode 2

Hey people! Today on Life in a Doll's House...

We will make doll cookies! You may have seen these adorable cookies in
these posts:
Fiftieth Post Special
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So... Let's get started!

Corn Starch Dough
Bottle Caps (For cutting circles)
Puff Paint (any color you like)
 Colored Paper & Scissors

Step 1-
Make your cornstarch dough and use
a bottle cap to cut circles (we used
a water bottle cap)

Step 2-
Bake at 175 F for an hour or until they get firm.
Headed into the oven!

Step 3-
Pull out your cookies and let them cool. Time
for decorations!

We brush our cookies with some brown paint.
It makes them look "cooked"

Time for some puff paint frosting!

We also cut small strips of colored paper for sprinkles!

Voila! You have cookies for your dolls!

Your dolls can now have a bake sale or
have a tasty treat!

We hope you liked this craft!


  1. I did this last year for St. Patrick's Day, but with solme type of salt + flour dough, but mine turned out kinda puffy. YAY for this tutorial!:)


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