Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Witch Costume: The Skirt

Hello there crafters! Today, we will be 
showing you how to make the first part in our witch's costume.
This is the skirt! Let's get started!

Old Petticoat (or something of that material)
Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)
Safety pin
elastic (if your petticoat didn't have any)
Myfroggystuff's how to make a doll skirt video (for help)

Step 1- Using your doll as a guide, measure a length of the petticoat
that can wrap around your doll (about twice). Cut it out.

Step 2- Using a safety pin, run your elastic through the
casing that was already in your petticoat.

Step 3- Pull the elastic to make a gather.

Step 4- Sew the edges together, making sure it can still
fit your doll.

Step 5- Done! Pair it with dark leggings, and
the first part of your costume is done!

I hope you enjoyed!


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