Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Summer at Sports Camp: A New Series

Hey guys! I just started a new series called The Summer at Sports Camp! 
Episode 1:The Arrival
If you couldn't read the credits at the end, this is what they say:

The Summer at Sports Camp: Episode 1- Arrival

Kaylee Griffin-Faith Brooks
Claire Jenson-McKenna Brooks
Brooklyn Harris-Farin Brooks
Jamie Patterson-Allysa Foerste
Jellybean-Farah Brooks

Created By-The Doll Crafters
(I'm Playing Linus and Lucy at the end)

Stay Tuned for More Episodes!


  1. Awesome!!!! Hey, um, did you want the blog design???

  2. Yep! There wasn't a spot that checked your name, so in the other section, i asked if you could design it.


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