Monday, June 3, 2013

First Interview!

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Esther/Autumn's Interview!

Her Blog's Name: One Doll Out There
Esther is Autumn's Doll's name. They love to go outside and hang out together!
Esther loves it when pictures are taken of her (just like McKenna). She also
goes crazy when someone says she's cute (like McKenna). Some
of her hobbies include: reading, laughing, nature, and dogs.
Her favorite color is dark green, and she loves pizza!
Autumn would describe herself as funny, crazy,
someone who laughs a lot, and someone
who is forgetful. She is also a Christian.
Some of her hobbies include: dolls,
taking pictures, going on 
blogger, and playing piano and violin (I play piano and flute)!
She plays softball and soccer, and loves working
with technology. In addition, Autumn loves
horses, farming, gardening, and
reading. She is a writer
and outdoorsy!

The DollCrafters

Here is Your Interview Stamp for Your Blog!
(notice that the interview is in the shape of an arrow to comment!)


  1. What's the interview stamp?
    (That's a cool idea!!!)

  2. u can copy and paste it onto ur awards page!

    1. Do I copy the interview and paste it on my blog? ;)

  3. if you want! The little blue cloud you copy and paste onto your awards page.

    1. What cloud???? I know...this is getting really really long. ;) Sorry!!!

  4. I'll try to get it to you by pasting a url


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